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Besetment Torrent 2017 Full HD Movie Free Download

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Name: Besetment English Movie
Release : 2017
Genres: Thriller, Horror
Category: Hollywood
Language: English
Quality: 720p
File Size: 1.4 GB
IMDb Rating: IMDb

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Besetment is a 2017 English-Language Horror Thriller Film produced and directed by Brad Douglas. Brad Douglas’ Besetment convincingly depicts a financially desperate young woman’s descent into small town Hell; in this case, Mitchell in Oregon. Well-filmed and well-acted by all, the film initially captures the true life horrors of unemployment, parental separation and alcoholism as Amanda (well-portrayed by Abby Wathen), foolishly places her trust in another older woman, creepy Mildred (Marlyn Mason), to escape her own “bitch” mother. So far, so mildly worrying. Unfortunately, having set up a potentially sick situation – upon which it would be unfair to elaborate too much further (though promotional artwork already gives some of the game away) writer-director Brad Douglas squanders the full impact many of the horrific elements simply by denying them the full dramatic delivery they demand. There are some unpleasant things to come (ahem), for sure, but the overall ambiance remains placidly polite. Or even obliquely comic even during an incestuous scene that should be deeply disturbing. For example, during a key moment when Amanda is trying to gain sad soul Billy’s empathy, his domineering mother suddenly appears and buffs their victim over the head… with a frying pan. End of. A dramatic moment lost and straight onto the next scene. Equally, the suddenness of Amanda’s mouth being sewn shut – a major development, surely? – is presented as matter of fact, once it’s occurred, next day. Finally, there is some nicely judged black humour that works well, such as a pastor who is also the local plumber, a sheriff that can’t remember any emergency codes and Amanda’s assertion that “I’m either giving birth to the new messiah or that doctor’s full of shit!” In this spirit, the doomy denouement is perhaps expected yet welcome in the EC Comics vein of what goes around comes around.

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Besetment Torrent 2017 Download

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